Local Citation Building

Increase the chances to reach your customers and get more visibility on search engines with local citation building.  Local citation building is highly important if you want your business to rank in Google’s local search results. In short, citations can be defined as mentions of your website on the web, in some cases even if there is not an actual backlink to your website. Local citation building has long been considered one of the top SEO ranking factors for a very long time, particularly with local business websites.

We’ve been building local citations here at Spare Time Media since 2007,  all of our local citation building is done by hand. Meaning, we manually sign up for accounts, log in, and enter in all of your information as opposed to letting software or a bot do it for you.

Local Citation Building

We specialize in Local Citation Building,  Lead Generation, Local Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Local SEO

We Put Your Business On The Map

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Are You Struggling To Get New Leads & Customers?

If your business isn't keeping up with technology, you are missing out on a whole new world of digital prospecting, laser targeted leads and sales.

You've taken the time to create a great website, congratulations, but that's only part of it. Unfortunately, your site is most likely nowhere to be found in search results, has a low visitor count and therefore does not yield you the results you had hoped for.

Local search is our focus.

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Local clients are searching for you.

 Businesses Need Local Leads

The internet is where locals go to look for what they need. Will they find you? And will they pick you?


Your Customers Are Smarter -

Therefore with the availability of information increasing by the day, your customers can easily research your products and services before they give you a call or request a quote. How can you ensure your business is properly positioned when the time comes to connect with them?

The Competition is Fiercer -

Furthermore, you see your competition everywhere. Their marketing presence is overpowering, and you think about how your clients will ever discover you exist before they find your competition.

Technology is Evolving -

Email and Mobile, Direct Response Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, Social Media... the list goes on and on but the fact of the matter remains. Your customers have access to all the information they need to make a buying decision.  Is it safe to say that your business is utilizing innovative strategies to stand out from the crowd, attract targeted leads and communicate effectively with customers?

Growth is Key -

The purpose of a business is to create value and serve a market. Unfortunately, it has gotten to be harder to win new business utilizing outdated marketing methods. Through the use of our cutting-edge technology and team resources, we can help you develop new client relationships in a more effective fashion, giving your business the fuel it needs to grow in today's fast-paced economy.

If you own a business and need to upgrade your website, marketing systems and strategies, now is a fantastic time to do it. Spare Time Media can help you take your business to a whole new level.

If you feel we can help you accomplish your business goals then contact us today by phone or email, we won't try to sell you, we will educate you on what it takes to achieve desirable results first, then show you what we can do to change the game for the future of your business. It's time to dominate your niche and make your business thrive.

Please note that we only work with a limited number of local business owners in your area, so that we can provide an unmatched level of service for our clients.

Time to Take Action

How long have you been thinking about doing something online? It’s time.  The longer you wait, the harder it is to overtake the competition. We need to get you up and running online.

There are over 1.8 BILLION websites online. How do people find yours?

We’re ready to help your company get found. And not just found – found by the right people. Local people who may need to hire you. Otherwise all that “traffic to your website” isn’t much more than noise.

SEO has to be strategic to produce real world results.

Despite living in a digital age where consumers’ first point of call is the internet,  results have revealed that some 1.98 million SMEs currently have little or no online presence, costing them a mammoth £343 billion every year, this equates to £173,769 in lost revenue.

Are You One Of Them?