The introduction of the GDPR Compliance in May 2018 has changed how data is collected, shared and used worldwide. The new regulations will be more restrictive than the current Data Protection Act requirements.

GDPR Compliance will have a wider reach of data types covered and it will require organisations to prove specific, explicit consent for data processing. Every business needs to understand and adapt their policies and procedures in order to respond to the changes and make themselves compliant.

It is essential that your business is prepared for these changes to mitigate any risks.

GDPR Compliance

 No longer can we issue opt-out emails and presume that silence is consent –  companies will need to be able to prove that they have been granted permission to use the data they hold. And that is just the beginning.

Customers will also have the right to challenge a company about the information they hold – and they have the right to be forgotten – this means call recordings, CCTV footage, email trails, anything that can be counted as evidence of the existence of an individual must be removed.

If you want to understand what the impact of this new regulation will mean for your organisation and ensure you are aligned with the requirements, then you should consider the GDPR Compliance offered by Spare Time Media..

GDPR Compliance

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It can be stressful dealing with new regulation while you're trying to grow your business. Our consultants will manage the project and ensure that your business is compliant so that you can focus on growth.

It's essential that you get it right first time or risk being fined up to £30 million. We provide managed services that are tailored to you, so we'll help you the way you want it. With our assistance, you'll meet every key requirement, which will save you time and money.

GDPR Compliance